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About us

Owynn, Inc., Who are we?

With a proven track record of over ten years and counting, Owynn, Inc. is an experienced software
development and IT consulting firm with a dependable workforce of experts
working behind the scenes to ensure top-notch service and implementation.


Owynn, Inc. facilitates the implementation of custom, innovative, and data-driven solutions that have continued to enable businesses to scale, transform, and compete on a local and global scale.

Owynn, Inc. takes clients’ ideas, redefines them, and transforms them, thereby bringing such
ideas to life through solutions that solve today’s problems. Owynn, Inc. not only helps clients with custom software solutions, but they also
help by providing best practices for businesses and administering proven development strategy using their knowledge and experience.


At Owynn, Inc. the team aims to transform ideas and add business value through high-level expertise and robust technologies. Services provided include development, technology stack consulting, as well as integration/migration of legacy systems.

Best Choice

Featured Products...


This application does for club VIP sections what Uber pool does for ride sharing. It allows users to purchase VIP access into clubs, lounges and other types of events that offer exclusive sitting for a fraction of the cost of the whole section.


Section Up also gives users direct access to the promoter once a purchase has been made. In addition, the app helps club owners and club promoters manage VIP ticket purchases and allows them to capture money that would have otherwise been missed out on by giving the average guest the option to section up their experience via the VIP pooling option.


Current Product


Coming soon

Software product

Section Up, the future of VIP. Atlanta nightlife is changing and this app is the catalyst.

-Andrew Daniels


Founder/ Developer


“Ideas are born as most ideas are, from necessity.”


As The founder of Owynn Inc., the software development company behind Section Up, Jovan comes from a strong technical background. Having developed for The Home Depot, Ericsson and Dicks Sporting Goods.

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