• Jovan Brown

Top 5 Things a Realtor must do in January

1. Believe in social networking

If you haven’t yet, post at least a profile on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter. You may not yet believe in social media – but you will. When that time comes, be ready!! If you want to practice, friend me on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter.

2. Have a ‘talking point’ every day.

People are so thirsty for good, current information on the housing sector.

What is really happening with the Tax Credit? Are banks truly more receptive to a short sale? How do you determine the ‘proper’ price in today’s market?

Be the resource of that information and you will be seen as the expert in your market. Read every day so you know what is happening. Research just not your thing? Then put this blog into your favorites and look at my talking point of the day. It is posted every morning (Monday through Friday) at 8am.

3. Get a ‘short sale’ designation

I have been assuming that the banks would begin leaning toward doing short sales rather than foreclosing on the rash of properties that are delinquent. We are starting to see just that. The Federal Finance Housing Agency released a report Friday, October 2nd where they talked openly about streamlining the process. Short Sales will be plentiful and easier to close as we move forward. Make sure you take adequate training in order to generate business by helping these homeowners.

4. Become a ‘trusted advisor’

Make sure you truly understand what is happening and why it is happening. That is our responsibility as professionals. Then tell your clients the truth even if it is difficult. As my new friend, Chris Read said: “Trust is ‘the one thing that changes everything’ according to Stephen Covey. According to Covey there are four core values that make up trust: Integrity, Intent, Capabilities and Results. To me, trust should be the basic building block of any and all good leadership.”

5. Volunteer to help those less fortunate

We must no longer be motivated by only extrinsic motivators (money, power. position). Our culture is moving toward more intrinsic motivators (meaning, growth, learning). We must know that what we are doing is important. Not just to profits, but to society. Volunteer this holiday season. Reach out to me Jovan Brown and be a hero to someone who needs your help.